Four reasons to start podcasting now!

16th September 2016

Let’s take a brief look into the world of Podcasting and how it can be an effective form of marketing. Starting off with the basics of what a podcast is, how it can be used for your business, the advantages of presenting your own podcast and the benefits for your business.

Four reasons to start podcasting now!

Podcasts are a source of audible information that can be listened to from your computer, tablet or smart phone. For the marketer, they’re an awesome way to share knowledge, discuss a topic, promote a product or tell a story and are an effective way to produce content in a personal format. They are convenient and enable you to communicate directly to your listener whilst building those key trusting relationships.

Podcasts are engaging on a different level, rather than having to read through an email or trawl through a long document, they give the listener the ability to engage with your brand by simply listening. Think about if your business had a voice. You could promote your product, service or knowledge to millions. What would you want your audience to know about you or your company? What benefits can you offer using just your words?

Podcasts are becoming extremely popular and hundreds are available to download from any smart phone¬†today. They’re allowing us to learn, market and share in our busy modern day lifestyles at the press of a button. Due to the convenient nature of the Podcast, the listener could be washing up, driving or sitting on the toilet all whilst listening and engaging. Plus they are a cost effective way to have your voice heard without traditional marketing costs and run alongside blogs as an additional feature.

Why you should produce a podcast

We have to bear in mind that Podcasting is another form of online marketing and therefore results driven. Your end goal may vary but businesses creating Podcasts predominately want their audience to trust them, value their company, recognise their brand or share their knowledge to ultimately buy into their business, be it a product or service.


Audio allows you to inject your own personality and authority, thus in turn building trust with your listeners. Hearing your voice presenting allows for a stronger connection than just reading a web page. It allows you to display your own values and simply by hearing your voice the audience is connecting with you on a personal and emotional level. Opportunities to have guest speakers in a similar field sharing ideas and debating is also another powerful way to create engaging audio.


Podcasts connect you to millions of listeners who can benefit, share or purchase from you. This is your chance to highlight your expertise in your particular industry and show how your company fits into this sector. Some podcasters find speaking much less challenging than writing a 2,000 word blog post and can turn the clip into a conversation piece with more than one presenter. Whatever your preferred method, podcasting is the perfect opportunity to sell your product or service without the hard sell and at the same time promote brand awareness. Use podcasts to sell yourself and skills by discussing topics, facts and innovative ideas that will engage with your audience. Building trust through this type of marketing enables consumers to work their way through the marketing funnel organically.


Podcasts are easy for both parties; for you as a business and for your listeners. It’s very simple to create a podcast these days thanks to our current technology. With 7 in 10 people now owning a smart phone and car manufacturers focusing on integrating podcasts and apps, it is becoming easier and easier to gain access to a world of content at your fingertips in almost any environment.

So, all you need to create a Podcast is a computer, microphone or smartphone, software to upload it to the internet and some great ideas. You can purchase software packages that will enable you to record, edit, add effects and store all historic podcasts. Sure, these are not going to be digitally mastered recordings that you would get from a professional, but they will ultimately get your voice heard. So what about convenience to your listeners? Well, they can download your podcast and access it anytime, anywhere, 24 hours around the clock. If they subscribe to your podcast feed, episodes will be downloaded automatically – another easy way for your listeners to access new information. ¬†It’s also great tool to share important messages to key employee’s, rather than gathering everyone in for a meeting.


Podcasts are still up and coming and therefore the competition is still relatively low compared to blogging. In 2014 – 2015 in the UK alone there were 3.7 million adults listening to podcasts, 22k actually hosting and 2.6 billion download requests.

Podcasts first emerged in 2005(ish) and experienced huge growth in their first year or so. Listeners dropped significantly in the late noughties, but they now seem to be on the rise again. Probably due to podcasters who have taken a more story-telling approach to the format, such as Serial.

Serial is hosted by Sarah Koeing (of This American Life) and is the first series focusing on a real life murder that took place in Baltimore in 1999. Adnan Syed was convicted of killing his ex high school girlfriend but has proclaimed his innocent ever since. Sarah re-opens the case due to the inconsistencies throughout the trial and lack of evidence and literally pulls it apart. Speaking with old school friends, the police, witnesses and re-enacting scenes, she takes you on a tale of twists and turns not knowing from one episode to the other of Adnan’s innocence. However since the podcasts have been released they have won several awards for innovation and the judge granted a new trial in July.

In December 2014, Serial reached over 40 million downloads and is a shining example of just how popular a podcast can become.

Podcasts summed up

It you feel you have the knowledge, passion, an idea or something you’d like to share with listeners, jump on board. As you’ve just read, podcasts can be extremely beneficial for growing your business organically and building trust with your consumers. It’s also a fantastic way to stand out and do something different to the competition.


If you’d like to start a podcast and need some help getting it up and running, give us a shout. We’d be happy to help! Email us or leave a comment below.

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