How GoPro used YouTube for their monumentous rise to fame

10th August 2016

Nick Woodman started out in a camper van with a kodak camera strapped to his palm with a rubber band and a dream for a different kind of camera. With a marketing strategy centred around YouTube, GoPro has now made Nick a very wealthy young man…

How GoPro used YouTube for their monumentous rise to fame

Every business has to start somewhere even if its in your campervan. That’s exactly how billionaire Nick Woodman founder of GoPro started out.

As a young teen Nick was never academic at school and focused more on sports, resulting in a love for surfing. He remembers his parents not approving, especially his father who was involved in brokering giant companies in Silicon Valley. However, he moved to the University of California, San Diego just for the waves and beach lifestyle. After university he set up an online gaming service which failed during the early 2000’s and cost investors $3.9million. He decided to pack it all in; the business world was not for him.

Sticking to his passion for surfing, he travelled to Australia and Indonesia for one last blow out before settling down to normal life. Whilst enjoying surfing and bumming around, a vision appeared.  As an amateur photographer he wanted to produce quality close up action photos/videos at an affordable price.  Using a disposable Kodak camera and rubber band strapped to the palm of his hand, the inspiration for the GoPro began.  The design was initially made from a wrist strap which he spent hours perfecting.  Using a drill, his mother’s sewing box and working from the back of his VW camper van.

The product has since evolved with Wi-Fi, waterproofing and a digital camera.  In 2004 he made his first big sale to a Japanese company, who ordered 100 cameras at a sports exhibition.  Sales continued to double each year from this point and enhanced via social media.

Social media was the perfect way to expose the GoPro, using mainly Youtube to upload videos and display it’s capabilities. The business snowballed with other buyers uploading their videos and experiences.  This also sparked off further revenue with sponsors and sports advocates getting involved, filming their own sporting events. GoPro became huge in the first year of trading, thanks to Nick’s drive and the use of free social media it grossed $350,000.00.

The company now works with professional sports personalities, the military and Hollywood directors. It is estimated the company peaked at $3.3 billion in September 2014.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying everyone is going to become the next billionaire by using social media alone. However it can certainly assist in any business to promote the product or services you are offering. Using social media to connect with your audience, whether local or global, is a free and proven method to achieving super-stardom! Now, run along and tweet something nice…

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